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Cheryl Lynn Pastor

Support My Art Through Patreon

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For the price of a tube of paint or a couple of brushes, you can support my art and learn with me through my art instructional videos.


As someone who has been drawing and creating since the age of 8 years old, I have finally reached a point in my artistic endeavors where I am focusing in on a full time art career.

My goal is to create on a daily basis and to infuse my craft with an ever increasing skill set and to share my creativity with the world. I am passionate about my art and my life as an artist and would love to have you come along with me for the journey to greatness!

There are 3 tiers of membership, the first being Good Start which entitles you to:


  • Handmade thank you card (mailed)

  • 10% off anything in my online store

  • Digital Rewards and more!

Other tiers are Not Bad and The Motherload! both which come with all sorts of goodies such as original art, giveaways, video Q & A's and much more!


I am an Abstract/Contemporary artist who loves all things art related. I do abstract, abstract figurative, portraiture and fashion painting. I am inspired by the colors of nature, vibrant colors used in fabrics by fashion designers, fiber art, urban landscapes and Architecture. I am predominantly self-taught although I did take some college level art classes.

My method is largely intuitive and emotional. I paint what my heart and emotions wish to create at any given moment. To me, this makes the finished product just that much more rewarding.

I look forward to getting to know my audience better through teaching, tutorials and just plain hanging out! Paint with me zoom sessions and lessons on drawing and intuitive painting are coming soon!!

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