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Original Abstract Expressionist Painting

Acrylic/Collage on Canvas

20hx16w inches

1/2" depth


Ready to Hang


"Mystery in Blue-Abstract Colorful Expressionist Painting" goes beyond the conventional with the addition of oil sticks, each stroke a fingerprint of the artist's emotions. The use of deep blue and bright red sets the stage for an emotional journey, with the interplay of darkness and vivid color hinting at the complexity of the human experience. The purple, black, and orange markings create a symphony of texture and form, adding a layer of complexity that invites interpretation. The artist's mark-making becomes a language of its own, telling a story that transcends the boundaries of the visible.

Transparent tissue paper, carefully collaged onto the canvas, introduces an element of translucency—a veiled layer that heightens the mystery within the artwork. Shadows and depths come to life, creating an almost three-dimensional effect that adds to the overall sense of intrigue.



Mystery in Blue Abstract Colorful Expressionist Painting SOLD

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